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Friday, November 2, 2012

Macam-macam Ekspresi dalam Bahasa Inggris



1.   Expressions of Requesting Something

*   Can take me to... , please?
* Would you mind me explaining the material again, Ma’am?
* Could you come to my house this afternoon, please?
* Please help me finishthis assignment. It’s complicated.

*   Sure, let’s go.
*    Not at all. Well , listen carefully.

*   All right.

*     Ok, let’s do it.

2.  Expressions of Hope
Expressing Hopes
*     I hope I can meet Mrs. Joe today.
*     I do hope that you can come to the meeting.
*     I wish I were a bit a slim. ( To want something to happen although it is impossible).
*     We are hoping for better mark.

 3.     Expressions of Complaining
*     I want to complain about...
*     (Well,) this is the most usatisfactory.
*     (I’m afraid).. it just isn’t good enough.
*     ... just won’t do!
*     Can you do anything about...?
*     I’m sorry to say this, but...
*     (Honestly!) I’m fed up with...
*     (Really!) I’m fed up with...

4.    Expressions of Possibilily
Asking about Possibility
*     Is it possible that...?
*     Is there any possibility of..?
*   Do you think they can do such  a hard job ?
* Does the naughty boy have any possibility of being discarded from school?

*     I think so.
*     Yes, there is.
*     I doubt it.

*     That’s possible.

5.  Expressions of Intruction

Giving intructions
*     Read the text thoroughly and get the main ideas of each paragraph.
*     Prepare yourself from now on for the national exam.
*  Wash your motorbike. It looks so dirty.
*  Don’t litter. It will clog the drainpipes.
*  Don’t step on the grass.

*     Yes, sir.

*     Yes,Mom. I will.

*     Right  away, Dad.
*     No, we won’t.
*     Oh, sorry.

6.    Expressions of Regrets

Expressing Regrets
*     Much to my regret, I had to come back home.
*     I regret to say that the plane is canceled.
*     If  I had been at home, I would have met my uncle.
*     I regret doing the nasty thing.
*     I wish..

7.  Expressions of Promise
Making Promise
*         I promise that I will help you.
*         I swear I won’t do it again.
*         I promise to call you every weekend.
*         I assure you that I will attend your party.

*         Thank you.
*         O.K.
*         Really?
*         O.K. I’ll wait for you.
8.  Expressions of Blamming someone

Blamming Someone
*     How could you do such a foolish thing?
*     I hope you’re sorry.
*     What on earth were you thingking?
*     I think you are the one to blame.
*     Are you out of your mind?
*     It serves ypu right.
*     Yoy are the one to blame.
*     I think you are the only person who could have done it.
*        It’s your fault for (doing something).

9.    Expressions of Accusing someone
Accusing someone
*     Look! You have made this floor dirty.
*     Admit it that you often bother me on the phone.
*     You broke my favorite teapot!

*     You used my computer last night.
*     Sir, he’s cheating!
*     You copied my artwork!

*     No, I don’t do it.

*     No, not me. Believe me.

*     Sorry, I don’t mean it. Please forgive me!
*     I did. Sorry for not asking first.
*     No, I’m not.
*     No, I didn’t! Well, um.. maybe a little.

10.         Expressions of Curiousity
Expressing Curiousity
*     I’m curous about the man.
*     I wonder why the boy was absent for there days.
*     That’s a mistery. I want to know more about it.
*     I am interested to know who wins the contest.

*     I’ll tell you abaout him.
*     Let’s find the answer.
*     So do I. Why don’t we observe it?
*     We can ask the teacher about it.

11.    Expression of Intention

Asking about intention
Stating intention
*     What is your intention?
*     It is my intention to have my online shop.

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